CCLAP 2014 PANEL: Revisiting Censorship and Live Arts in Singapore

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A panel presented by the Asian Performing Arts Forum, in partnership with SEA ArtsFest and CCLAP.

10 years since the proscription – and eventual rehabilitation – of performance art in Singapore following artist Josef Ng’s trimming of his pubic hair at the 5th Passage Gallery, live art in Singapore has remained in an uneasy relationship with government censors, with artists successfully protesting state imposition of a self-classificatory arts licensing scheme as recently as July. This panel revisits censorship in live art in Singapore, and will segue into a discussion of more recent events involving the banning of Tan Pin Pin’s film To Singapore, With Love (showing at the SEA ArtsFest on Oct 27), and the National Library’s removal (and subsequent reinstating) of two books promoting ‘non-traditional families’ from its children’s section.

Led by Dr Tan Shzr Ee.


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