CCLAP 2014 PERFORMANCE: I’m with you – Gorge:Fruit

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Live Art
Gorge:Fruit is a performance and a meal and a conversation. The project brings bodies around a table for a messy, politically charged encounter with other eating bodies. It is a format I’m With You is developing to think about some things we care about quite a lot: queerness and kinship, domesticity and work, excess and etiquette. It’s ‘gorge’, like gorge yourself silly, until the gorge rises, and like: that’s gorge, babez.
In this fourth iteration of Gorge, we think about fruit – sticky sweet and sharply tart; the construction of the ‘exotic’ and global transport; heady, intoxicating and just plain fruity. During the CCLAP symposium, a series of 10-15 minute Gorge interventions will burst and spurt throughout the day. With guest performance makers Pete Cant and Alex Eisenberg.
photo by Christa Holka, performer: Rachel Porter, Buzzcut, Glasgow 2014

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