CCLAP 2014 PERFORMANCE: Open Dialogues – NOTA

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NOTA: NOT, NOTES, NOTER (NOTA), NOT/A, is a research framework produced by Open Dialogues that presses on the time, place and quality of notes in relation to performance.

NOTA is a performance for two artists, who make notes in front of an audience. The artists time and date stamp each note in an attempt to record the passage of thought, the labour of writing and the role of the writer. Each performance creates a set of documents which are collated into a chapter of NOTA, to be published as a standalone publication.

NOTA will be complete when ten chapters have been published. NOTA has been performed at SHOWTiME (London, 2012), Villa Romana (Florence, 2012) and Critics and Cocktails (Copenhagen, 2014). Chapter 1 was published in 2014 and launched at I’m With You at Performance Space, London.

Open Dialogues


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