CCLAP 2014 PERFORMANCE: Raju Rage – The Dilemma of the Diaspora to Define

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The Dilemma of the Diaspora to Define presents ‘performative interruptions in public space’ a live artInstallation.

‘Placed in a world caught in endless transition between absence and presence, in/visibility and the dilemma of defining, join Raju Rage on a diasporic voyage towards the fragile contested borders of the un/known for a performative installation-assemblage cohered through sensation, invasian, narrativescapes and recursive folds.’

‘The Dilemma of the Diaspora to Define’ examines the tensions and conflicts inherent in negotiating cultural identity and queerness as part of the diaspora. This work focuses on exploring occupying and performing race, ethnicity and queerness and the way (South) Asian non conforming bodies have to navigate and negotiate their bodies in a western world where there is often a conflict between tradition, modernity, culture, defining ourselves and expressing our queer identit/ies and how it is read/misread. Being visible and yet invisible, at the same or different times, and the affect of temporality, time and space, symbolism, stereotypes, ethnic codes, ideology and gazes on the body. Raju Rage creates culturally coded sculptural objects based on those usually used to express cultural identity, exploring how queer bodies embody, transgress and manipulate these objects, as forms of trans*formative resistance.

Raju Rage


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