CCLAP 2014 RUN RUN RUN! London (Regent’s Canal): Warming Up

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Live Art, Public

RUN!RUN!RUN! London (Regent’s Canal): Warming Up opens CCLAP.. It is part one of a 2-part performance run by Dr Kai Syng Tan that explores running as a creative process and how it can function as a playful toolkit for us to re-imagine London. The second part (booking not required), at 12.30pm, entitled A Rundown, is a performance-lecture that runs through the ways in which running can be activated an everyday ‘rite’ for the city dweller so that they feel as if they are ‘running’ it – metaphorically -as they physically run.

Kai completed her PhD at the Slade School of Fine Art. She is currently a Research Fellow of Leeds College of Art. Together with Dr Alan Latham (UCL Geography), she runs the RUN!RUN!RUN! International Body For Research, a research institute that investigates running beyond the mundane. The first RUN!RUN!RUN! event, the International Festival of Running 1.0, was a runaway success that was covered in the Guardian newspapers. RUN RUN RUN! London, Regent’s Canal is commissioned by Something Human for CCLAP.

Please note the following: By signing up for RUN!RUN!RUN London (Regent’s Canal) Warming up, you agree to assume responsibility for your health and any associated risks. By participating in this event, you agree to take best care with regards to health and safety in the public space, waive your right to take any actions, proceedings, claims and damages against the organisers.

Tickets are free, please book here.

Dr Tan Kai Syng


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