CCLAP 2014 TALK: Dr Tan Kai Syng – RUN RUN RUN! London (Regent’s Canal): A Rundown!

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Did you know that Londoners seem to love running, with nearly 40,000 of us take part in the London Marathon annually and another 650,000 cheering us along the streets of London, and 5 million watching the TV broadcast worldwide (The London Marathon Limited 2013; London Town 2013)? Did you also know that the Latin etymology of the word ‘run’, refers to running from one place to another (Blackburn 2008 p.102), and that the code-breaker Alan Turing was a highly-accomplished long-distance runner who invented the computer in the middle of the run (Burfoot 2007)? In this performance-lecture, Kai Syng Tan runs through how and why she started running, and what she discovered along the way. En route, Kai will also talk about how she has, since 1994, used her body as material and site, as she lives her life on the run.

Dr Tan Kai Syng


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