CCLAP 2014 PERFORMANCE: Kelvin Atmadibrata – Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka

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Via a series of actions –  durational, repetitive and referential to Japanese pop culture, Yaranaika? / Mou Ikkai / levan Polka points to wider questions with regards to regionalism, diasporic anxieties, gender and cultural identity. Yaranaika re-enacts a scene in Yamakawa Junivhi’s bara manga, Kuso Miso Technique. This scene has become an internet meme as a comic take on public gay sexual encounters but also highlights underlining issues such as social class, age, self-repression, eroticism and male identity. Mou Ikkai and Ievan Polka will then utilise Hatsune Miku songs as the basis of movements, depicting how the wide consumption of pop culture via internet technologies helps create playful and fluid contingent poses of masculinity, sexuality and cultural identification.



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