CCLAP 2014 PERFORMANCE: Teow Yue Han and Urich Lau – Orbital Cinema

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Orbital Cinema is a collaborative live video performance between Teow Yue Han and Urich Lau that involves live feed (satellite) and editing (viewing station) components, resulting in a live film. At its first manifestation at the Singapore Night Festival, 2010 Singapore, Yue Han acted as the roaming video-capturing “satellite” with his live projection video harness and the video car “viewing station” as the mode of display with Urich on the console, manipulating the output of the “film”. This work seeks to reinterpret the form and expression of conventional cinema, making it instantaneous and mobile. In recent iterations, the work has grown to include more layers, including elements from Urich’s Life Circuit series, which is seen as an extension of human perception and expressions using reconstructed industrial headgears. The performance also utilises live stream websites and the mediation of the Internet that enables Yue Han and Urich to collaborate remotely (London – Singapore) to create narrative that distorts space and time.

Teow Yue Han and Urich Lau have collaborated on many occasions in Singapore, Seoul and London.


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