CCLAP 2015: Allow Me to Begin All Over Again – Ezzam Rahman

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5 – 7 November 2015, Thursday – Saturday
Deptford Lounge Foyer
This performance is repeated, please refer to the Schedule for timings.

In line with the theme of this project, artist Ezzam Rahman focuses his presentation on his current practice that uses the body as an agent / the body as material. The artist uses his body in performances and as material for the miniature sculptures that he has created. It is a test of endurance and pain to a point, where sensations numb his senses and emotions. He is also interested in investigating the ideas of aging and how does one care for their own bodies.

For this residency, Ezzam will present his durational interactive performance, titled Allow Me To Begin All Over Again. This performance will be repeated from Thursday to Saturday. Before the performance, he will set up a ‘consultation booth’ that consists of two chairs and a table, a few materials and he will have a quiet conversation with members of the interested public to gather information and individual perspectives. Together they will share stories, and these stories will be recorded using paper in a series of actions. The relics of this presentation will be collected and displayed in an ongoing / build up to form part of an installation that will be part of the main performance on Saturday.


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