CCLAP 2015: Showing Care (Family Workshop) – Esther Carolin and Catherine Hall

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8 November 2015 Sunday
11.00am – 1.00pm (Drop-in session)Deptford Lounge (Foyer)
Free, Suitable for children and families 

Showing Care
Leaders: Esther Carolin and Catherine Hall

What does care mean?
What do we care about?
How do we show care?
How can art show care?

This free family friendly workshop will explore what care means to us as individuals and as a group, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of thoughts and ideas while playfully considering ideas of being ‘careful’ and ‘carefree’ in relation to creating, drawing, and collaging.

Inspired both by scribbling as one of the first forms of creative expression that comes naturally to children and scribble drawing as an art therapy technique for children and adults alike, participants can experiment with developing carefree scribbles into more carefully considered images while also learning about different drawing techniques.

All parts of the workshop can be enjoyed alone or working together. Run as a drop-in session, participants can stay as little or long as they like!

For more CCLAP 2015 workshops, please see here.


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