CCLAP 2015: Performative Lecture “F” is for Fragment – Linda Aloysius

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7 November 2015, Saturday
11.30am – 12.00pm, Deptford Lounge Meeting Rooms 1 & 2
(No registration required, seating is on a first come first served basis and subject to capacity)

Linda Aloysius‘ performative lecture “F” is for Fragment operates at the interstices of performance, language and sculpture, using a minimum of materials to illuminate and critique the ways in which our material and psychic worlds are currently fragmentated, partitioned, segmented and “cut up”.

Reading alternately to her sculpture “F” and to the audience, Aloysius implicates sculpture as a possible site of subjectivity whilst also critically positioning it as performative object and discursive tool, through and across which spoken language traverses and is enlivened.

Through Aloysius’ reading, we are invited to consider the alphabetical letter F relative to a complexity of words that each index current issues affecting the world and our perception of it. Issues ranging from fragmentation to feminism, female genital mutilation, Freud and fantasy are poetically, politically and philosophically threaded into the question of how care might positively impact upon the future.


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