Lydia Parusol

Lydia Parusol is a German curator and researcher who is working in Cambodia and other parts of South East Asia since 2004. During the time in Cambodia she co-developed an art centre and was involved in many experimental curatorial projects. She critically investigates new forms of presentation of art practices through the direct artist’ and audience’ engagement with emphasis on agency. Live art/participatory art is one major part of her practice with which she is trying to push boundaries of creating, seeing and interpreting. Lydia is pursuing a MPhil/PhD at Royal College of Art London.

Statement of Interest
Live art as a term for art practice is recently known and used in Cambodia. When Cambodian artist Neak Sophal started to work on ‘No rice for Pot’ in a small village in Cambodia back in 2011, we were not aware that what we are doing Live art and not just a public art project. Sophal asked women from her village to be creative part of her project. This Live art project touched topics related to ownership, what can and can’t NGO commissioned art projects do and the question of cultural sensitivity and critique.

Image: No rice for Pot, by Kate O’Hara

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