Marie Fahlin

Marie Fahlin is a choreographer educated at School for New Dance Development. Her work focuses on researching and expanding the choreographic field in relation to other art forms. Being mainly interested in interdisciplinarity her latest works and collaborations has been with sculptors and musicians, seeking forms for integrating the different disciplines and letting choreography shift position and medium, thus enabling a movement within the choreographic.

Together with Rebecca Chentinell she runs the organization Koreografiska Konstitutet which curates festival:display and publishes the magazine Koreografisk Journal.

Fahlin has been involved in several artistic research projects and is currently a PhD student in choreography at the Stockholm University of the Arts. More about her work here.

At CCLAP, Fahlin collaborates with Nguyễn Thanh Thủy for the newly developed performance of Vodou vibrations sounds of memories of fields and burdens living in translations and broken bows balancing on plateaus while speaking to one self and scratching the surface of the raft while drifting away.

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