Raju Rage

Raju Rage is a multi disciplinary artist and community organiser who is proactive about carving space, self representation and self empowerment using art and activism to forge creative survival. Raju is interested in the tensions and conflicts around navigating cultural identity, diaspora and non-conformity. They explore occupying and performing race, ethnicity and queerness and specifically the way queer transgender fem-inist South Asian people have to navigate and negotiate their bodies in a western world where there is often a conflict between tradition, culture, defining themselves and expressing (queer) identit/ies and how they are read/misread. Being hypervisible and yet invisible, at the same or different times, and the affect of temporality, time and space, symbolism, stereotypes, ethnic/cultural codes and gazes on the body. Raju creates culturally coded objects based on those usually used to express cultural identity and navigates how queer bodies embody, transgress and manipulate these objects, using narratives/sculpture/sound/live-art/film to essentially question: What is the desire to know and what can we know?

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