Shzr Ee Tan

Shzr Ee Tan is a lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London, currently researching musical activities on new media platforms in overseas Chinese communities. Her research touches on phenomena ranging from viral videos to politico-musical activism on the internet. Shzr Ee completed her PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies, studying Amis aboriginal folksong of Taiwan in interacting contexts of the village, the cultural troupe, the popular music industry and Christian missionisation. Her other interests include music and gender, music and politics, urban ethnomusicology and connections between music and food cultures. She has published on music, media and politics in Singapore and in the Chinese diaspora, as well as on aboriginal song in Taiwan. Shzr Ee currently teaches Music, Ethnomusicology and Performance modules in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Royal Holloway. Courses she has taught/ will be teaching include: Music, Power and Politics; Topics in World Music, Contemporary Debates in Music, Music and Gender, Practical Performance, Musics of China, Practical Musicianship, Creative Ensemble Performance, Korean Drumming and Documenting Performance.

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