Friday 31st October 2014

10:30           Registration

11:00           Performance: ‘RUN RUN RUN! Warming up’ by Tan Kai Syng

11:50           Sign-in & Performance: ‘Hunt & Darton Cafe…A pop up of the pop up’ by Hunt & Darton

12:15           Welcome to CCLAP by Something Human

12:30           Talk: ‘RUN RUN RUN! A rundown’ by Tan Kai Syng

13:15           Lunch Break + Performance: ‘Set menu’ by Hunt & Darton

13:45           Performance: ‘Beauty Hurts’ by Lorena Lo Peña

14:25           Performance: ‘The Pudding Club’ by Helena Walsh

15:00           Talk: ‘Something Other’ by Mary Paterson

15:40           Performance lecture: “Orbital Cinema” by Teow Yue Han and Urich Lau

16:10           Coffee break + Performance: ‘Bake off’ by Hunt & Darton

16:40           Talk: ‘The Choreography of Gender in Traditional Vietnamese Music’ by Nguyễn Thanh Thuy

17:15           Performance: ‘The Dilema of the Diaspora to Define’ by Raju Rage

17:50           Performance: ‘Vodou’ by Nguyễn Thanh Thuy

18:35           Performance: ‘Allegory of Wayang Kulit’ by Grace Leong

19:20          Artists Q&A: Hunt & Darton, Lorena Lo Peña, Helena Walsh, Grace Leong, Raju Rage

20:00           Screening Programme: ‘A Woman’s work is…’ by Live Art Development Agency


Saturday 1st November 2014

10:30           Registration

11:00           Welcome by Something Human

11:15           Performance: ‘NOTA’ by Open Dialogues

11:30           Performance: ‘Gorge: Fruit’ by I’m With You

12:00           Talk: ‘Taking to the Streets: Live Art & Activism’ by Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A.

12:45           Talk: ‘Champa Battambang!: Live Art’ by Kate O’Hara

13:15           Lunch

13:45           Talk: ‘From A to Bs, within and outside’ by Something Human

14:30           Panel: ‘Curating live art in public spaces in UK and Asia’

15:20           Performance: ‘Hanqing + Megan: The Calligrapher’ by Hanqing Miao

15:50           Performance: ‘Yaranaika? (Shall we do it?)’ by Kelvin Atmadibrata

16:20           Coffee break

17:00           Performance: ‘How to be a Man’ by Jonathan Coleman

17:45           Artist Q&A: I’m With You, Open Dialogues, Hanqing Miao, Jonathan Coleman, Kelvin Atmadibrata

18:30           APAF Panel: Revisiting Censorship and Live Arts in Singapore – Chair: Dr Tan Shzr Ee

19:30           Performance: ‘Gorge: Fruit’ by I’m With You

21:00           Salon (by invitation and booking only)

The event is free, but places are limited so please register here.

Downloadable CCLAP_Programme

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