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I am an artist and art therapist, and I live in Hackney, East London. I studied Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, and went on to train as an Art Therapist at Goldsmiths, qualifying in 2013.

I am drawn to the symbolic and art making as ritual. I like to explore different materials and art forms observing how they might relate to create dialogues. Working, or rather playing intuitively, I try to allow the unconscious to take the lead; to guide; to reveal; to uncover what isn’t immediately apparent. Trying to trust the process, which is sometimes a challenge. It brings up fear, resistance, to add to the mix. Dreams are often a source material, a starting point.

My training and experiences as an art therapist further develops my artist identity in these ways. I am part of an artist/art therapist collective, Winnicott Wednesdays, established in 2013.

An artwork frequently comes together as an installation, combining a number of components such as sculpture, found objects, text, photography, film and performance.

Sometimes, even long after an artwork is finished, it continues to provide new insight and meaning not seen or understood previously. This happens through how others respond to it, my own response as it becomes more separate from me and, how it relates and links to other artwork I make.

I make art in the desire to share, to connect with the Self and Other. In externalizing through creativity, I aim to give light and space and air to my internal world. I try to find ways to play, communicate, transform, reflect and gain new understanding. It creates signposts with which I negotiate my path and discover ways to express and relate my understanding and experience of being human.

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Photo credit/photographer: Kristina Page
Artwork: The experience of training as an art psychotherapist
Installation/performance by
Kristina Page and Deba Salim, 2011
Group Show, Goldsmiths