Eleanor is an artist living and working between London and Cornwall, and a recent Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins. Fascinated with the physical world and how it works, she trained in sculpture; a medium that shows no limits when it comes to material exploration, process and discovery. ‘Process’ seems to have become the foundation of her practice, which has built up to include an expanding collection of materials and mediums. The biggest task for her is to define it:

Performance? But that suggests a staging, and the movements of a body. I try to remove myself from the work or use myself as a tool that reveals something bigger happening in the environment: A Performance of materials maybe? I want to show how things work outside of ourselves – how things move around our bodies.

I want my work to transform existing materials: I am not trying to invent new objects or experiences – I work to highlight the infinite number of ways we can experience what already exists. Walking through the environment, I look for routine moments that fall into the white noise of everyday life: I try to make use of this uselessness. I sometimes set myself tasks designed to fill in time: I use a set of rules; let the material or situation dictate the form. There is comfort in these tasks. The simplicity of motion in the physical world reveals itself, but also holds a complexity within it: There is a discovery in this lack of control that exposes how the world continually works.

Artist website

Image credit: Chalk Circle
Exhibition: Human Nature, Archive gallery, July 2015
Performers: Eleanor Turnbull
Photographer: David Vyce

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