Image by Catherine Hall

Esther Carolin studied English and History of Art at the University of Leeds, following this with a Masters in Art History at the University of Sussex focusing on socially engaged practice and public access to contemporary arts and culture. Exploration of and engagement with these issues continues to influence her professional practice including her experiences working with the arts charity Rowan Arts, community film organisation Reel Islington, and the artist-led estate based organisation the drawing shed. Working as an arts educator since 2007 she has developed and delivered workshops and initiatives in schools, galleries and community settings, with these experiences informing her role as Arts Outreach Coordinator for Something Human.

Catherine Hall is an artist and has been tutoring art for over seven years to adults and children of all ages. “I believe that making art is important because it allows you to see and better understand both your own way of looking at things and the viewpoints of others. In my art I reflect other people’s viewpoints and in my teaching I encourage each person to explore their own way of making, so that they can show others their own way of seeing as effectively as possible.

Image credit: Catherine Hall