Sikarnt (or sometimes Srikant, Sikrant, etc.) describes herself as a nomadic archive of ‘things’ that travels between points in spacetime – from past to future and back, from east to west to nowhere.

Sikarnt, as she knows it, is merely a fragment of the archive, a place where it lives on temporarily. Srikrant is merely a cluster of transplanted memories nobody has seen or knows where it comes from, although it would sometimes borrow a body to manifest itself – usually a she, but also occasionally he or they or it. Their work often associates with politics of memory in an act of collecting and archiving as performance. They have been embodied through several mediums, from bodies to things to images.

Sikarnt’s recent exhibitions include Razmatazz,Stanley Picker Gallery, London, UK; Laundry National Art Prize 2015, Queensland, Australia; Goldsmiths MFA degreeshow, London, UK; Month of Performance Art-Berlin, Cell 63, Berlin, Germany; SPILL festival, Ipswich, UK; No Electricity, No Gas, No Water, Essen-Kettwig, Essen, Germany; No Electricity, No Plexiglass, No Humor, HFBK, Hamburg, Germany.

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